n. & v.
1 a the authority to perform a task or certain duties. b a person or group entrusted esp. by a government with such authority (set up a commission to look into it). c an instruction, command, or duty given to such a group or person (their commission was to simplify the procedure; my commission was to find him).
2 an order for something, esp. a work of art, to be produced specially.
3 Mil. a a warrant conferring the rank of officer in the army, navy, or air force. b the rank so conferred.
4 a the authority to act as agent for a company etc. in trade. b a percentage paid to the agent from the profits of goods etc. sold, or business obtained (his wages are low, but he gets 20 per cent commission). c the pay of a commissioned agent.
5 the act of committing (a crime, sin, etc.).
6 the office or department of a commissioner.
1 authorize or empower by a commission.
2 a give (an artist etc.) a commission for a piece of work. b order (a work) to be written (commissioned a new concerto).
3 Naut. a give (an officer) the command of a ship. b prepare (a ship) for active service.
4 bring (a machine, equipment, etc.) into operation.
Phrases and idioms:
commission-agent a bookmaker. commission of the peace 1 Justices of the Peace.
2 the authority given to them. in commission (of a warship etc.) manned, armed, and ready for service. out of commission (esp. of a ship) not in service, not in working order.
Royal Commission
1 a commission of inquiry appointed by the Crown at the instance of the Government.
2 a committee so appointed.
Etymology: ME f. OF f. L commissio -onis (as COMMIT)

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